A night of temptation and seduction

The student’s gorgeous, voluptuous body was so tempting to the teacher

Luther drank the after-dinner wine while smoking a cigar elegantly, free and easy, calm and steady, with a prodigal elegance, full of the charm of a Parisian gentleman. Kelly admired him greatly.

After a few weeks of spending time together, Kelly’s feeling toward Luther developed into something deeper than a friendship. Luther was a little drunk, taking a sip of wine, he said in a whim, “You are so special, I like how you look tonight.”

He meant to praise her expression about arts, not to imply anything more than a friend. But to Kelly, it felt as if he was expressing his love for her, which made her heart race and face blush.

Alcohol has a certain magic to the door of one’s inner world. The feelings Kelly had for Luther that was buried deep down had been released. She had respected him as a teacher and did not dare to consider him as a potential lover; now, she did not want to hide her feelings anymore. Shy and nervous, she mumbled, “You also look especially manly tonight. You look so different.”

Luther smiled but played dumb, “Oh yeah? Must be the effect of alcohol.”

He had already known that she loved him, and he liked her, too. It was just that Kelly already had a boyfriend in the United States, and he had no interest being in a third-party situation. Therefore, he pretended not to get her hint.

“How come you never talk about Jacob?” Jacob was Kelly’s boyfriend, Luther mentioned him on purpose to remind Kelly of her existing relationship.

Kelly had a long face upon hearing Jacob’s name. Looking down, she said, “Jacob is like the tip of the chicken wing, there’s only a layer of skin and no flavor. A flavorless relationship is not worth mentioning.”

Kelly’s parents are friends with Jacob’s parents; Therefore, they grew up together. There was never passion between them. Although Jacob treated their relationship as one of love, Kelly treated it as one of family. She was in a dilemma of staying in a loveless relationship or breaking free.

She sensed Luther’s avoidance and was hurt. She walked toward the gramophone and changed to a techno vinyl. She started to dance to the music.

She knew that Luther liked her, too. He tried to hide it because he respected her relationship with Jacob. She was ashamed of her own indulgence and admired Luther even more.

The sky was overcast when they were having dinner. Now, the rain had really come down hard. Hearing the raindrops, Kelly went to the door to have a better look. Suddenly, an impulsive urge struck her, making her take off her shoes and run into the pouring rain.

She opened her arms, letting the rain wash over her. She screamed to herself, “Why am I stuck in a loveless situation and not able to express my feelings to the one I really love?” Running in the rain, she hoped that the water would wash away her sorrow.

Seeing that she was running in the rain, Luther ran after her immediately. Kelly forced a smile, saying loudly, “It’s so much fun! Run with me!” She was soaking wet, her hair and clothes stuck to her body, showing her nice figure. Her breasts and nipples could be seen under the soaked fabric, her pussy mound was also noticeable. She was so attractive that Luther felt excited and horny.

He took a step toward her and carried her back to the house. Eyes sparkling with affection and sympathy, he said, “You will catch a cold running in the rain like that. Let’s go inside.”

Kelly’s body was so soft and beautiful, Luther could hardly contain his desire to kiss her. But his senses prevented him from doing that.

Wrapped in Luther’s strong shoulders and two powerful hands, Kelly felt a warm current running through her body, and her heart was filled with an inexplicable excitement. She looked at Luther with adoring eyes, longing for him to hold her tightly.

After taking her to the bedroom, he said, “Take a hot bath and go to bed as soon as possible to avoid catching a cold. The outdoors will be very refreshed after the rain; we’ll get up early tomorrow to do some sketching.” With a greeting of good night, he closed the door and left the room.

Kelly was expecting Luther to make a move. But he did nothing, which left her feeling disappointed.

After the shower, Luther lied in bed, tossing and turning, but he couldn’t fall asleep. He was thinking about Kelly. Finally, he got up and went to Kelly’s room to check on her.

Her door was ajar. He quietly pushed it open and walked in. His eyes lit up upon what he saw. Kelly was already asleep. One of her perky breasts was peeking out of her pajama with the cherry-red nipple erect. She looked so sexy and seductive. She must be too tired or too drunk to fall asleep so quickly that she did not turn the light off.

Luther watched her in awe, appreciating her gorgeous body for a while. Then he came to his senses, took the blanket, and covered her, and left the room… (To be continued)

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